Welcome! We are Tiddley Cove Morris

Spring Ale on Bowen Island

May Day 2009

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...with sticks and bells and hankies, we drink and dance and sing...

Tiddley Cove Morris is a women’s dance side based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We welcome new dancers anytime! Please contact us for more information.

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Tiddley Cove formed in 1986 after Expo 86, and it was originally called Captain’s Ladies.  In 1988, we became Tiddley Cove Morris, named after the north shore location invented by Len Norris in his cartoons for the Vancouver Sun.

We perform both stick and hanky dances and, in some dances, we use sticks and hankies at the same time.

In the summer, we perform contemporary dances written by the Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers and traditional dances from the Cotswold tradition. In the winter we perform Border dances, from the border of England and Wales, and Longsword dances from the northern English counties.

And don’t forget the musicians, because Morris dancers only perform to live, unamplified music.

Collectively, we play melodeon, concertina, penny whistle, recorder, bodhran, tambourine, triangle, and mandolin. We're also developing a singing repertoire for that other important part of the Morris tradition: the pub session.